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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What a beautiful spring morning in melbourne!
I am very excited about my upcoming plans to open up our studio in Albert Park. I am working towards the end of November as my deadline for the official opening.
The plan is to set it up as a working studio, shop space and gallery space.
I hope to open every saturday morning, so people can wonder in, see our work, purchase, as well as meet the 'Cats behind the glass' - Harold and Maud!

The plan is, printed silk wrap skirts, silk scarves ( and possibly ties), belts, some accessory items and original paintings will also be for sale!
I am also considering - and this may come a bit later - to have my fabric designs available for sale by the metre and am currently in the process of teeing up some time with one of my colleagues at RMIT
who has a large scale print table! yay! (www.printinkstudio.com)
Many an hour is being spent in my painting studio developing new artworks, skethes and repeats, to be put onto screen.
Also, I am looking into doing the 'Shirts and Skirts' market at the Abbottsford Convent in the coming months. (http://www.shirtandskirtmarkets.com.au/)
Head down bottom up!
Stay tuned

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